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Paediatric Dietitian

Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours, Class 1) 2019
Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)
Accredited Nutritionist (AN)

Shara began her dietetic career in 2020 in a multidisciplinary allied health practice seeing clients of all ages with widely varying health concerns. This role ultimately forged Shara’s desire to work with children and led her to taking on her role as paediatric dietitian with Tania Hillman Nutrition & Dietetics in 2022. Shara has concurrently maintained a role as a support worker for NDIS clients over the past 4 years. This role has allowed her to bring much practical insight into her work with our families and children with disabilities. 

With her excellent clinical knowledge, Shara will meet you and your child where they are at and work collaboratively to find solutions that are realistic and practical. She is also a great advocate who values the benefits of working with your child’s entire team to ensure holistic and comprehensive care.

Shara has completed the following additional training:

  • Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics - Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

  • Sensory Oral Sequential (SOS) feeding therapy - Kay Toomey & Associates

  • Responsive Feeding Therapy Modules - EDRDPro

  • Motivational interviewing - Tara MacGregor 2023

  • Dietitians Essentials: Treatment of Eating Disorders - Inside Out

  • Eating Disorder Credentialing  - ANZAED 

Shara owns two dopey rottweilers, enjoys playing both indoor and outdoor soccer and skateboarding. She can often be seen leaving the office at the end of the day in her soccer gear. She has a massive sweet tooth and will literally look for all the dessert places to try when she goes anywhere new.

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