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Client Information


Your First Appointment

When you make your appointment

You will receive an email that tells you:

  • Appointment date & time

  • Your dietitian’s name

  • Our address and how to find us

  • Fees and our cancellation policy

The email also contains links to forms that should be filled out before your appointment

  • Consent / privacy form

  • Medical / health history

  • Food & nutrition history

We ask you to fill these out so that your dietitian can be well prepared, and needs to ask you less questions on the day.

On the day

Your appointment will last for just under 1 hour (standard appointments).

Adults will not routinely be weighed or measured. You will only be weighed if there is a clear clinical reason to do so and you consent to this.

Your dietitian will spend time getting to know you better. They will take the time to fully understand you, your goals and your food/nutrition needs or challenges.

You may be provided with some initial education and information relating to your nutrition concern. Your dietitian will work with you to come up with specific strategies to help you get started. They may ask you to keep a more detailed food record and provide you with the tools to do that. 

Your dietitian will write down the strategies you have agreed on or may send you an email after your appointment. You will have time to ask questions and check your understanding. Everything will move at a pace that is right for you.

Then, with you they will decide the timing and frequency of any further appointments you need.

If you have been referred by your doctor, your dietitian will write a letter back to them with a summary of the relevant information you have discussed.

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(subject to annual review)

  • Payment is required immediately following your appointment. 

  • EFTPOS / credit card payments are preferred. 

  • We do not keep cash onsite - if paying cash please bring the exact payment.

  • If you are a plan managed NDIS client we will invoice your plan manager after your appointment

Private Consultations

Initial Consultation 

(60 mins)


50 min + 10 min non face-to-face time*

Initial Consultation 

(90 mins)


75 min + 15 min non face-to-face time*

Follow-up Consultation 

(45 mins)


40 min + 5 min non face-to-face time*

Follow-up Consultation 

(60 mins)


50 min + 10 min non face-to-face time*

*Non face to face time allows your clinician to do any required follow up including - corresponding with your referrer, liaison with other team members, and ensuring compliance with medicolegal documentation requirements.

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NDIS Consultations

Rates are based on the current NDIS price guide.

Available for plan managed and self-managed participants.

Initial Consultation 

(120 mins)


60-75 min + 45-60 min non face-to-face time**

Ongoing Consultations

& non face-to-face time


per hour

**Non face to face time allows your clinician preparation time and to ensure adequate follow-up of your appointment/s. 


It includes:

  • review of pre-appointment forms and dietitian handovers;

  • initial growth chart plotting;

  • correspondence with referrer / support coordinator;

  • arrangement of HEN samples and registration;

  • formula calculations & adjustments;

  • nutritional analysis;

  • feeding plan development;

  • personalised resource development;

  • case conferencing;

  • liaison with client team members; 

  • mandatory NDIS reports;

  • documentation;

  • travel for home visits.


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A Medicare rebate is payable to you if you are referred to Nourish & Thrive by your GP under the following programs: 

  • Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) 

  • Chronic Disease Management (CDM) 

  • GP Management (GPMP) 

  • Eating Disorder Management Plan (EDMP) 

The current standard Medicare rebate is $58.30 and clients are eligible for up to 5 appointments per year for EPC / CDM / GPMP and 20 appointments for EDMP referrals. 

Your medicare rebate can be processed on the spot at the time of your paid face-to-face appointment. For telehealth appointments your Medicare rebate is claimable directly from Medicare after your paid appointment. 

Please note: your appointment fee does not change if you have a Medicare referral, however you will then receive a Medicare rebate which reduces you overall out of pocket cost. 

For example - a 60 min initial consultation payment ($160) would be followed by a rebate of $58.30. So you will be ‘out of pocket’ $101.70 ($160-$58.30) for your first appointment.

Private Health Funds

Nourish & Thrive is registered with all private health funds. 

We can provide on the spot rebates with HICAPS for some private health funds, requiring you only to pay the difference between the rebate and your appointment fee. 

If HICAPS is not applicable to your health fund you can alternatively claim your rebate from the fund after your appointment is paid for.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

Nourish & Thrive is a registered provider for DVA. 

Clients referred who are a DVA Gold Card holder or White Card holder with a relevant condition and a DVA referral are not required to pay for their appointments.

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