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Adult Dietitian

Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Hons) 2015
Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)
Accredited Nutritionist (AN)
Credentialled Eating Disorder Dietitian

Karly joined Tania Hillman Nutrition & Dietetics in 2022. She is an empathetic non-diet dietitian who is passionate about supporting clients to explore and heal their relationship with their food, body and health. She enjoys helping her clients to learn to trust their body and be able to eat in a way that feels less complicated and free from rules and restrictions.

Karly is a Health at Every Size (HAES®) dietitian, who embraces neurodiversity affirming and trauma informed care to respect the diverse stories, perspectives and needs of each person she works with. She has a special interest in disordered eating, chronic yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, intuitive eating, women’s health, gut health and gastrointestinal disorders and general nutrition and wellbeing. Karly continues to develop her skills in all of these areas, with some of her additional training including:

  • The Non-Diet Approach for Dietitians - Fiona Willer & Fiona Sutherland

  • Nutrition Counselling for Eating Disorders - Marci Evans

  • Eating Disorder Training for Dietitians (Fiona Sutherland and Shane Jeffrey)

  • The Essentials: Training Clinicians in Eating Disorders -Inside Out Institute of Eating Disorders

  • Exploring appetite, Food Cues and Mindful Eating training for Dietitians - Fiona Sutherland

  • Low FODMAP Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Monash University

  • Developing your disability specific dietetic assessment skills across the lifespan by Maddie Todd – Hatch Dietetics

  • Body Image training for dietitians - Fiona Willer and Marci Evans

  • Motivational Interviewing - Tara MacGregor 2023

On her weekends, Karly enjoys spending time with loved ones (including her cat Mimi!) and finding new fun activities to do.

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