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Nourish & Thrive was created by Accredited Practising Dietitian Tania Hillman in 2023, after 7 years being known as Tania Hillman Nutrition & Dietetics. 

The practice was started in 2016 to help fill a gap in paediatric dietitian services. By 2022 it had grown well beyond Tania, supporting both adults and children. It had also grown out of its original name and home. So, after a long search to find the right space, in November 2023 ‘Nourish & Thrive’ was born. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a team of trusted dietitians and feeding specialists who are client-centred, neurodiversity affirming and deliver responsive nutrition and feeding related care.

Regardless of your size, shape, gender, disability or neurotype everybody in every body is welcome and supported at Nourish & Thrive.

Our Mission

When you hear the word dietitian we know what you’re probably thinking. Weight loss. Diets. Restriction. Eating less. Going hungry. Food deprivation. On the contrary, our mission at Nourish & Thrive is to:

  • Provide a positive and safe nutrition and dietetics service that prioritises nourishment and rejects dieting and food restriction

  • Help individuals build skills to meet their health and quality of life goals, or those they have for their children 

  • Inspire clients and families to create or maintain a positive, and ideally joyful, relationship with food and mealtimes

We accept you exactly as you are, and work with you, at your pace, while providing trustworthy nutrition information and guidance.

We understand that you know yourself better than anyone and that health looks different for everyone. We gently support you to work out what that means for you and to replace weight goals with your health goals.


We support you to build the skills you need to be able to enjoy food and eating, and fulfil your own nutrition goals.

We use our skills and expertise to gently guide you to manage health conditions that require specialised nutrition care. 

What we do


Interested in working with us?

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